Reasons to Choose a Handmade Diamond Ring

Handmade jewellery is a wonderful gift, especially when made to your custom specifications. A handmade diamond ring is likely to attract a higher price point than one that is cast-made, but there is really no substitute for quality. When selecting a fine piece of jewellery that is designed to be worn day in and day out for years to come, it is essential that a number of factors be taken into consideration. 

Here are a few reasons that a handmade diamond ring could be the best choice for you:

1. It's Unique

A handmade piece of jewellery can be made with your specifications in mind. There is much more to a piece of jewellery than simply picking it out and resizing it to fit properly. The perfect ring takes into consideration the wearer's personality, lifestyle and fashion sense. When worn daily, jewellery becomes a part of someone, and the intricacies of a handmade ring are far more suited to this type of sentimentality than a cast model.

2. It's High Quality

Hand made rings are often stronger than rings made in a cast. The attention to detail put in by an experienced jewellery maker just can't be replicated by a machine. When you select a ring from a production line it will be predictable and less costly, but it will also be missing the innate beauty of a handmade piece. A handmade diamond ring exudes quality.  

3. It's Ethical 

Not all cast made rings are unethical and not all handmade rings are ethical, but when you make the decision to purchase a hand made ring you have the luxury of deciding who, exactly, is going to make it. You can shop around until you find a designer whose techniques are not only beautiful, but ethical as well. You'll feel reassured purchasing a custom ring because you will know exactly what went into making it. Ethical fashion never goes out of style.  

4. It's Thoughtful 

If the ring is a gift or an engagement ring then you really can't beat a handmade diamond ring for thoughtfulness. A custom ring is sure to impress your loved one when they realise how much time and effort you put into selecting the perfect design. A handmade piece can be representative of just how well you know them if you decide to go with a custom design. A catalogue ring is a nice gesture, but a custom ring is a grand one.