Diamond Jewellers | 3 Infallible Strategies To Pick Diamond Earring Elements For Your Wedding

Diamond earrings are excellent wedding accessories and will blend in brilliantly with your wedding dress. Since it's your wedding, you'll naturally be extra picky to select something that resonates with your entire wedding ensemble. If you know the diamond stones you desire, it's time to choose the other elements that go into diamond earrings. This guide is designed to help you pick easily pick out diamond earring elements when you head to the diamond jewellers.

Choose the Metal Based on the Colour of Your Wedding Dress

You'll want to choose a base metal that blends in with your wedding dress and doesn't clash with it. Knowing the metal that will best work with your dress shade is the perfect way to begin your diamond earring selection. If you have a white gown, then you'll want to stay away from yellow gold embellishments because they will clash with the white hue. You'll want to stick with white gold or platinum. If you have an off-white or ivory gown that steers towards a champagne hue, you can choose gold or white gold as your base metal to emphasise the creamy fabric tint.

Plan Your Earrings Based on Your Necklace

Planning your diamond earrings based on your necklace style is a great way to infuse elegance and style into your overall ensemble. Don't treat them as individual entities because eventually they will be paired together on your wedding gown. For example, if your necklace is chunky with lots of detailing, then you'll probably want to choose simple stud diamond earrings to blend into the necklace instead of clashing with it. Similarly, if your necklace is understated and simple, then you could afford to wear drop diamond earrings with lots of detailing on it to add lustrous flair. If you already have your necklace, it may be a good idea to take it with you to the diamond jewellers for picking out your diamond earrings.

Let Your Wedding Theme Reflect in the Style of Your Earrings

You'll naturally want to incorporate the wedding theme into your ensemble as much as possible, so choose earrings that resonate with your wedding style. For example, if your wedding theme has a vintage edge to it, then you'll want to choose vintage-styled diamond earrings with lots of curves and detailing on it. If your wedding theme has a minimalistic modern theme, then you'll want to choose sleek diamond earrings with simple stones that won't overpower the simplicity of your wedding dress.

Use these infallible strategies when picking elements of your earrings at the diamond jewellers for your wedding. For more tips and ideas, work with a local jewellers, like Matusik Jewellers