Diamond Wedding Rings | 3 Ways to Get the Ring with the Bling You Desire

You'll probably be happy with any type of ring as long as you've found the right partner. But he wants to know what you'd like so you can get the perfect ring you desire. Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, which can make it difficult for your partner to make a choice. Ease his pursuit of the perfect engagement ring by following these clever strategies to get exactly what you want.

Show Him Pictures

If you're both talking about marriage before he springs a surprise proposal, it doesn't hurt to show him pictures of diamond engagement rings you like. While it may sound a bit brazen and bold, this trick is sure to get you the ring you desire because your partner will know exactly what to look for. You can find shrewd ways to show him pictures of your ideal diamond styles, cuts and settings. For example, stick a picture in a Valentine's Day card or leave magazines open to specific ring pages. Keep in mind that this trick only works if you both have made it clear that marriage is in the cards. If he's not ready to get married, this may end up making him reluctant and uncomfortable.

Go Shopping or Window Shopping Together

If you and your partner are both practical people, chances are you would prefer something that suits your style rather than a complete surprise. A good idea would be to go shopping for the ring together. This trick ensures that you get the exact style and cut you desire. If your partner prefers a more traditional approach, you can go window shopping together. This way he will still know what you want, but he can pick it up himself later. Most modern couples love this strategy because it eliminates the element of surprise, which is especially beneficial considering the investment of a diamond engagement ring.

Conceptualise It Together

Many modern couples like the idea of being equal partners in everything they do—including the engagement ring choice. You could both design the perfect ring together by putting forth ideas and tastes. This will help you both come to a consensus when it comes to finalising the shape, style, cut, size and colour of the engagement ring. This works well for modern personalities who don't necessarily like surprises but also don't know exactly what they want. Conceptualising together will help you come up with one-of-a-kind diamond engagement rings that reflect both your personalities.

Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of styles and cuts. Use these clever tricks to get the perfect bling for your ring.