Handy Tips to Preventing Unnecessary Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery is the most common method people will use to accessorise their outfits. Whether you have costume jewellery or have invested in precious gems, undoubtedly you would like your pieces to serve you for a significant amount of time. However, what some people do not realise is that they could be the ones compromising their jewellery by not taking proper care of them. Here are a few of the tips that you could use to prevent unnecessary jewellery repairs.

Tip 1: Never wear your pieces when getting ready

For some people, part of their dressing up routine means picking out and putting on their jewellery before they have finished getting dressed. What you do not realise is that you are exposing your jewellery pieces to excessive damage from chemicals that are contained in your lotions, facial cream, body sprays, perfumes and more. To keep your jewellery in pristine condition, you should always leave wearing these pieces to the very last minute. By waiting, you give your body products time to absorb into your skin, and they will not tarnish or coat your jewellery pieces.

Tip 2: Never carry out house chores with your jewellery

If you routinely engage in household cleaning, it is essential to ensure that your jewellery is in a safe place before getting down to do your chores. There are some ways that your jewellery pieces can acquire damage during the cleaning process. Firstly, vigorous cleaning gestures can cause rings and other hand jewellery to acquire dents and scratches. Secondly, while cleaning, you will be exposing the jewellery to detergents and an array of chemicals that could react with the precious metal that the jewellery is made from. Thirdly, the jewellery could easily fall into hard to reach areas such as down the sink and acquire damage on impact, or you could end up losing the jewellery altogether! Overall, ensure that you have removed any jewellery before you engage in household chores.

Tip 3: Never store all your pieces together

A habit most people have is simply lumping all their jewellery together in one box, the rummaging for specific items when they need them. Having one storage solution for all your jewellery may seem space effective, but the reality is that you are posing a high risk of damage to the pieces. As the jewellery pieces rub and knock against each other, they can end up losing gemstones or acquiring damages to their finish. Not to mention if one piece of jewellery is tarnishing, chances are it will affect all other metals nearby. It would be best to invest in individual storage for your jewellery pieces to be on the safe side.