Three Body Piercing Myths

There are a lot of myths about body piercing. Some of these myths can put people off of having body piercings while others can lead to infections and damage to the skin. As a supplier of body piercing kits, you can play an important part in making sure that your customers are properly informed about body piercing. Below is a guide to three common myths which surround body piercing.

A Body Piercing Can Paralyse Parts of the Body​

The fear that a body piercing could lead to a part of the body becoming paralysed is very common. This fear often develops as a result of misinformation and myths. In reality, a body piercing will only come into contact with the surface layers of the skin and will not go deep enough to come into contact with any nerves which control sensation and movement of different parts of the body. Therefore, your customers do not need to worry that their body piercing kit will lead to paralysis. They simply need to follow the instructions contained within the kit without fear of injury.

You Can Re-Sterilise a Needle Using a Flame​

The needles which are supplied in a home piercing kit have been professionally sterilised using liquid disinfectant and an autoclave. The sterilised needles are then packaged in sealed protective covers so they are ready for use by the customer. Once a needle has been used, it should be re-capped with the plastic guard and then disposed of. There is a myth which suggests that it is possible to re-sterilise used needles by passing them through a flame. While the heat of the flame will kill some bacteria and blood-borne viruses, there is no guarantee that it will destroy them all. Used needles should never be reused or shared between people as this puts the person at a massive risk of infection by bacteria or blood-borne diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis.

You Should Not Breastfeed If You Have Pierced Your Nipples​

While it isn't advisable to breastfeed until the nipples have recovered from being pierced, once they have done so, there is no reason why you cannot breastfeed your baby. However, before you do so, you should remove the jewel or stud which is in your nipple as they can choke your baby if they come loose during feeding.

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