Three Body Piercing Myths

There are a lot of myths about body piercing. Some of these myths can put people off of having body piercings while others can lead to infections and damage to the skin. As a supplier of body piercing kits, you can play an important part in making sure that your customers are properly informed about body piercing. Below is a guide to three common myths which surround body piercing. A Body Piercing Can Paralyse Parts of the Body​ Read More 

Vintage Watches—A Timeless Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you are looking for a gift that is truly unique and that will go on giving pleasure for many years to come, you simply cannot go wrong with vintage watches. Whether you are buying for him or for her, there are many watches out there that may be from a bygone ere, but still keep perfect time and retain their beautiful looks.  Finding Vintage Watches Vintage watches typically hold their value, especially those from top watchmakers in the industry. Read More 

Handy Tips to Preventing Unnecessary Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery is the most common method people will use to accessorise their outfits. Whether you have costume jewellery or have invested in precious gems, undoubtedly you would like your pieces to serve you for a significant amount of time. However, what some people do not realise is that they could be the ones compromising their jewellery by not taking proper care of them. Here are a few of the tips that you could use to prevent unnecessary jewellery repairs. Read More 

Diamond Wedding Rings | 3 Ways to Get the Ring with the Bling You Desire

You'll probably be happy with any type of ring as long as you've found the right partner. But he wants to know what you'd like so you can get the perfect ring you desire. Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, which can make it difficult for your partner to make a choice. Ease his pursuit of the perfect engagement ring by following these clever strategies to get exactly what you want. Read More 

Diamond Jewellers | 3 Infallible Strategies To Pick Diamond Earring Elements For Your Wedding

Diamond earrings are excellent wedding accessories and will blend in brilliantly with your wedding dress. Since it's your wedding, you'll naturally be extra picky to select something that resonates with your entire wedding ensemble. If you know the diamond stones you desire, it's time to choose the other elements that go into diamond earrings. This guide is designed to help you pick easily pick out diamond earring elements when you head to the diamond jewellers. Read More