Diamond Wedding Rings | 3 Ways to Get the Ring with the Bling You Desire

You'll probably be happy with any type of ring as long as you've found the right partner. But he wants to know what you'd like so you can get the perfect ring you desire. Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, which can make it difficult for your partner to make a choice. Ease his pursuit of the perfect engagement ring by following these clever strategies to get exactly what you want. Read More 

Diamond Jewellers | 3 Infallible Strategies To Pick Diamond Earring Elements For Your Wedding

Diamond earrings are excellent wedding accessories and will blend in brilliantly with your wedding dress. Since it's your wedding, you'll naturally be extra picky to select something that resonates with your entire wedding ensemble. If you know the diamond stones you desire, it's time to choose the other elements that go into diamond earrings. This guide is designed to help you pick easily pick out diamond earring elements when you head to the diamond jewellers. Read More 

Simple Tips for Assessing Gold Jewellery

Gold is an important precious metal in the fabrication of jewellery items such as rings, chains and earrings. Unfortunately, the material is imitable by unscrupulous manufacturers, and the counterfeit products can look authentic to an untrained person. It is critical for people to be able to recognise real gold jewellery whether they are gold buyers or sellers. This will help you avoid imitation jewellery and get the right price for your gold items. Read More 

4 Ideas for Creating a Custom Ring for Your Second Marriage

If you (or your intended) have been married before you might be looking for something a little different and unique to make this engagement stand out. Here are some ideas on how to create a unique, custom engagement rings for your proposal. Coloured stones Rather than using a clear stone such as diamond you can use coloured gemstones. Some people like to incorporate stones with a special meaning to them such as the birthstones of either the partners, or their children. Read More 

Reasons to Choose a Handmade Diamond Ring

Handmade jewellery is a wonderful gift, especially when made to your custom specifications. A handmade diamond ring is likely to attract a higher price point than one that is cast-made, but there is really no substitute for quality. When selecting a fine piece of jewellery that is designed to be worn day in and day out for years to come, it is essential that a number of factors be taken into consideration. Read More